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N95 Respirators

Here at global pharmacy shop we mentioned above do a fine job of protecting you as long as you also practice social distancing and good hygiene. They’re also wonderfully inexpensive at just 70¢ per mask, so you should definitely stock up on a few boxes while they’re in stock. There are some higher-risk situations where you want a bit more protection though. For example, when you go shopping in a grocery store, take public transportation, or fly on an airplane. That’s why it’s also a very good idea to stock up on some N95 face masks that you can use in those situations, but N95 masks are much more difficult to come by these days.

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Each face mask respirator features cushioning nose foam with an adjustable metal nosepiece for comfort. Two strap design helps provide a secure seal.

Filter safety masks can be used in the following industries: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, etc.

N95 Mask is lightweight in construction to promote greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time.

Regular size.

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If you were wondering where to buy N95 masks, you have arrived at the right place. Profits are being used to re-invest in local US manufacturing to lower the overall cost of the masks.

For bulk order discounts intended for hospitals, medical centers and essential service workers, please email [email protected]

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