Manual crank operated Three function ICU bed – Fixed Height (P.P. molded head-foot panels, EPC collapsible railing)

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PMT 1203A

Overall approximate size:
L2160*W1050*H500-750m  (customizable)
Mattress platform area: L1930*W820mm  (customizable)
  • CRCA rectangular pipe bed framework welded with heavy-duty four corner round tubes of 14swg with plastic inserts to accept head & foot panels.
  • CNC machine pressed & double bent two-section, uniformly perforated patient lying surface area with underneath heavy-duty horizontal supports.
  • CRCA rectangular undercarriage base frame, 12swg tubular linkages with 40×10, 40×5 flats.
  • Undercarriage base frame fitted with 125mm dia, heavy-duty fully molded synthetic grade TPR castor wheels, two of them with brakes.
  • Bed frame provided with insertion points for fitting telescopic IV stand at four locations.